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Cody Cruz (born 27 January 1996) is an American entrepreneur, social media influencer, and digital marketing expert. Cody is best known for his expertise in gaining online traction for his clients and is considered one of the leading social media experts. Cody is the founder of Viral Press Agency, a digital marketing agency that specializes in social media management, content creation, talent management, voice-overs, and digital marketing. 

Cody specializes in marketing, advertising, business development skills, and offering unique business ideas. He has worked with numerous celebrities, athletes, and other high-profile clients, building a vast network to provide immediate exposure for brands and businesses. Cody has been featured in several media outlets for his unique approach as a social media marketer, including Village Voice, LA Weekly,  The Jerusalem Post, Tech Times, Yahoo Finance, and many other top-tier publications.

Welcome To My Website

Avid marketing and social media awareness are just but a few of my strongholds in my career. Only the bravest of agencies prefer our services as we rank highest on the pecking order of marketing agencies in the country. Whenever you are in dire need of captivating online content, do consider our services as we relentlessly provide the best that the field has to offer. Our technology is top-notch and ensures that the client’s services are maintained at all times. As if that is not enough, we offer talent management services at an affordable price, based on current market rates. We manage celebrities, athletes and all other clients who call for expert representation in the online space. It is also within our wide scope to cater for the needs of all who require social media management for their businesses and personal endeavors. In addition, voice-overs are within our area of expertise, a venture that has left many of our clients more than satisfied with our services. Not that we are trying to get over our heads, but feel free to contact us for any additional information and we will be glad to help.